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VHS Tapes are important items in Tattletail.

Two VHS tapes can be found in the game. One is found in the regular campaign, whereas the other is found in the Kaleidoscope campaign. The VHS tapes are played in the Protagonist's television in their bedroom.

Video Horror System

Upon inserting either VHS tape into the Protagonist's television, the player is taken to the Video Horror System, allowing them to view the tape. It differs from watching regular VHS tapes in that the player can interact with the footage. Neither commercial begins playing until the player prompts them to do so.

The VHS tape in the regular campaign can be interacted with via a number of "Camera angles" which show off different Baby Talking Tattletail products, such as Mama Tattletail, the Gift Eggs and the box that Tattletails are packaged in. The VHS tape in the Kaleidoscope campaign only contains a commercial.

Regular Campaign

December 23, 1998

The first VHS tape can be found near the Yellow Tattletail, and can be picked up once the player wins the hide & seek game.

December 24, 1998

The VHS tape is used in the ritual to banish Mama Tattletail. First, the player has to rewind it, and then after retrieving the candles that Mama Tattletail steals, they need to destroy the VHS tape.

Kaleidsocope Campaign

Inside The Kaleidoscope

One of the VHS tapes (which contains a commercial) is found in the Kaleidoscope, and is responsible for having tampered with the Protagonist's memories of the events surrounding Tattletail. The game instructs the player to watch it.

In this commercial, Tattletail seems to be marketed as an educational toy. Mama Tattletail can be seen at various points, sometimes laying on her side. The commercial also references Mama Tattletail in its lyrics, unlike the original commercial. The lyrics state that Mama wasn't banned, which is an effect of the Protagonist's memories being wrong.

Song Lyrics

Original Commercial
Tattletail OST - Commercial
Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: Touch and listen to him say:

Talking Tattletail: Tattletail, That's me!

Narrator: You can give him treats!

Narrator: He really eats!

Talking Tattletail: Num-num-num-num-nuuuum!

Narrator: He leaves a present that can't be beat!

Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: He can tell when Mama's there!

Mama: Mama's coming!

Narrator: You can play pretend, with all his friends,

Tattletails: Playtime for me!

Narrator: It seems like the talking will never end!

Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Kaleidoscope Commercial
Tattletail OST - Kaleidoscope Commercial
Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: Touch and then you'll hear him say:

B.Tattletail: Hee. Hee. Hee. Hee. Hee.

Narrator: You can feed him treats...

Narrator: He really eats!

Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: He can tell when Mama's there!

Narrator: She's your best friend...

Narrator: She was never banned!

(5x)Narrator: Baby Talking Tattle,

Narrator 2: Baby Talking Tattletail!

(5x)Narrator: Baby Talking Tattle,

-Cut out-

Easter eggs

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