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This is the trailer for Tattletail.


The trailer is a commercial for Baby Talking Tattletail and other products. It is in the style of a typical 1990s commercial. Also, there are a few easter eggs that can be found in the trailer.

Tattletail™ Release Trailer Official

Tattletail™ Release Trailer Official

The trailer.


Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: Touch and listen to him say:

Talking Tattletail: Tattletail, That's me!

Narrator: You can give him treats!

Narrator: He really eats!

Talking Tattletail: Numnumnumnuuuum!

Narrator: He leaves a present that can't be beat!

Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Narrator: He can tell when Mama's there!

Mama: Mama's coming!

Narrator: You can play pretend, with all his friends,

Tattletails: Playtime for me!

Narrator: It seems like the talking will never end!

Narrator: Baby Talking Tattletail!

Easter eggs

Main article: Easter Eggs


The music is named "Commercial".

Tattletail - OST Commercial

Tattletail - OST Commercial

The music that plays on the VHS tape and the game's release trailer

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