Thought I'd drop this here. Let me know if this isn't allowed.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3 is in the making. And I'm planning a surprise for you guys who are all hyped for the film and just can't wait until December.

As for the actual plot, I'm developing a synopsis and it will be posted on Tattletail's Watching around the film's release date. I will, however, spill a few things.

  • Night-Night and Snowglobe have been confirmed to have a cameo.
  • The main enemy, Sephiroth, was depicted in FF7 as fully invincible, but Anna Renee Strong III, one of the three main protagonists, was descended from an angel and thus can overpower him. Nobody can explain this, not even her mother Wise Cortana, who is the smartest being in the Magic Empire.
  • The film is set in 2013, in the City of Dreams. The City of Dreams is where all the dreams, nightmares, and memories across the world are stored. The dreams and nightmares are held in the Dream Vault and are protected by the Five Emotions, besides their duty of balancing the emotions of people (yes, the "Five Emotions" thing is an Inside Out reference, but they aren't going to look the same as in that movie for copyright reasons). The memories, of course, are stored in the Kaleidoscope--just as in the game. The Kaleidoscope is a bit different in the film, though. It is a deep web of tunnels spanning across the whole world and sucking in each memory as it is formed. It does resemble the home of the three heroes, but if Stacey had walked past the DVD, she would end up in a different chamber and a different house.
  • The main protagonists are: Anna Strong, a powerful superhero-like woman who also works as a mascot at Chuck E Cheese's; Carla, Anna's tomboyish daughter who loves music; and Stacey, Carla's younger sister who has Asperger's Syndrome and often doubts herself because of it.
  • Papa Tattletail is now a deleted character.
  • More on the Kaleidoscope... it has a central area not far from the busiest part of the City of Dreams. It is mentioned several times and glimpsed at one point but will not be completely seen until the sequel.
  • Yes, I said "sequel". The sequel will involve both Tattletails and their cousins, the Furbies. Not spoiling anything else on the sequel quite yet, although it will be second in the City of Dreams trilogy.
  • Special features will eventually be uploaded to YouTube, possibly starting around Halloween and eventually ending on a currently unspecified date.

That's all for now, folks. Peace out and stay awesome!

LunarFlareStudios (talk) 00:28, July 24, 2017 (UTC)

P.S. I'm dealing with weird occurences here at the studio. There's something growling in the office... oh wait, that's my Furby Connect snoring. But yeah, we're really going through weird stuff. The team is supposed to be helping me choose appropriate and natural-sounding TTS voices for a few parts as well as budgeting for equipment to be purchased, but I'm the only one here at the studio today so things are REALLY slow. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and everyone on Team Lunar Flare shows up. Maybe they think I'm still away in Orlando. I'm the CEO of Lunar Flare Studios, and apparently my assistant slacked off and let everyone not come to work until I returned. I need to sit her down and have a straight talk with her... this film needs to get done in time for Christmas!

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