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I'll have to go over the rules page again, but I know I'd posting lots of fan-related stuff. I wanted to know if there's a Tattletail fan works wiki so I can talk about my plans for the amateur Tattletail film I'm making. I hate breaking the rules.

I'm also making paper Tattletails from my film including MAMA! I'm almost finished with Twinkle (my name for the blue one) and then I'll have all five from the movie. Mama is quite a task but at least the head is finished. I will not be making the OC Papa Tattletail since I'm limited on space in my room and my surprisingly small walk-in closet. Ugh, I need that daybed so bad; it will free up a lot more space for my filming compared to my current regular bed. And that could mean MORE TATTLETAILS! Or other props.

I should mention. Yes, Carla Strong from the film is partialy a recolored Sunset Shimmer. But the clothes are totally different. She has a black shirt with a white music note on it, blue jeans, and black fashion boots. I just liked Sunset Shimmer's hair and just couldn't replicate it from scratch... What's ironic is that Carla is somewhat tomboyish. Just wanted to throw that out there. But, unlike her Autistic younger sister Stacey, she doesn't believe in Sephiroth--the exile who has been sent to their home town of the City of Dreams by Queen Analay. That is, until Mama starts acting up and even speaks to her in Sephiroth's voice (he possessed the upgraded Mama)!

Any suggestions? Got an idea you want me to consider? Know where to find a Tattletail fan works wiki? Let me know! And thanks in advance.

Yours trying to keep things lively,

LunarFlareStudios (talk) 21:09, May 13, 2017 (UTC)