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So, I'm updating you on the film here...

I now decided to use the original names for the Tattletails rather than changing the names of Dewdrop and Butternut to Twinkle and Sunny. They will remain so in both the Kaleidoscope scenes and in real life, but nevertheless something weird WILL happen in the Portal of Deception. What is it? Gonna have to wait and find out.

Sweetie and Patches, the OC characters, will remain despite the above. Just they will look a little better and Patches' spots will look more natural.

Also, the Tattletails are going to get recolored and redesigned to look more like they did in the game. Thanks to those handy-dandy texture maps, the team and I were able to get better color sources. They were a bit distorted in the game since it was dark, and I'm not comfortable changing anything in the dev console with little experience with complicated scripts. I'm a film designer, not a script programmer. :)

Next point: I'm doing a new Tattletail ad using a Hatsune Miku soundtrack and the final artwork. It's based on the "Creepy Japanese Furby Advertisement" by Mike Diva (or was it Matt Diva?) but excludes the nightmarish and almost demonic-looking scene where the Furby gets brutally mistreated. That's really all I can say about that scene to keep with our company rules... I just needed a more kid-friendly look for this one since it's going to be in the movie and playing on the advertising screen in the toy shop window.

Finally, any suggestions for the film will be open until Halloween. After that, suggestions will not be accepted unless otherwise noted.

Any questions, leave them below. Me or one of my team members will answer it. See you 'round the Kaleidoscope!