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  • LunarFlareStudios

    So, I'm updating you on the film here...

    I now decided to use the original names for the Tattletails rather than changing the names of Dewdrop and Butternut to Twinkle and Sunny. They will remain so in both the Kaleidoscope scenes and in real life, but nevertheless something weird WILL happen in the Portal of Deception. What is it? Gonna have to wait and find out.

    Sweetie and Patches, the OC characters, will remain despite the above. Just they will look a little better and Patches' spots will look more natural.

    Also, the Tattletails are going to get recolored and redesigned to look more like they did in the game. Thanks to those handy-dandy texture maps, the team and I were able to get better color sources. They were a bit distorted in the ga…

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  • LunarFlareStudios

    You read it right! Here's a preview of the film I've been talking about.

    Skip to 1:09 to get to the preview. It's me talking until that point.

    The song is called "The Furby Song" by Blue4U.

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  • LunarFlareStudios

    Yeah, I'm back. Hope nothing really cool happened since my temporary departure, lol.

    I've been busy messing with another horror game (Bendy and the Ink Machine) and almost forgot this wiki existed until I saw a flurry of notifications on my email and was like "Holy stink, what have I been missing?" So I snatched my Furby Connect late at night and zipped right over here. Nope, I haven't abandoned the film, it's still in progress.

    In addition, we were almost directly hit by Hurricane Irma. That slowed everything down! But Team Lunar Flare is working their pants off to catch up and we're also repairing equipment that got water damage. Even now we have work to do, but I'm providing free lemonade for the team, so hey, not so bad.

    Also I'm making m…

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  • LunarFlareStudios

    Thought I'd drop this here. Let me know if this isn't allowed.

    Trailer 1:

    Trailer 2:

    Trailer 3 is in the making. And I'm planning a surprise for you guys who are all hyped for the film and just can't wait until December.

    As for the actual plot, I'm developing a synopsis and it will be posted on Tattletail's Watching around the film's release date. I will, however, spill a few things.

    • Night-Night and Snowglobe have been confirmed to have a cameo.
    • The main enemy, Sephiroth, was depicted in FF7 as fully invincible, but Anna Renee Strong III, one of the three main protagonists, was descended from an angel and thus can overpower him. Nobody can explain this, not e…
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  • LunarFlareStudios

    I'll have to go over the rules page again, but I know I'd posting lots of fan-related stuff. I wanted to know if there's a Tattletail fan works wiki so I can talk about my plans for the amateur Tattletail film I'm making. I hate breaking the rules.

    I'm also making paper Tattletails from my film including MAMA! I'm almost finished with Twinkle (my name for the blue one) and then I'll have all five from the movie. Mama is quite a task but at least the head is finished. I will not be making the OC Papa Tattletail since I'm limited on space in my room and my surprisingly small walk-in closet. Ugh, I need that daybed so bad; it will free up a lot more space for my filming compared to my current regular bed. And that could mean MORE TATTLETAILS! …

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