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As you might know, I tried to tab the infoboxes so they didn't take up loads of space. Let's look at the steps I performed.

Firstly, I tried simply adding the tabber. I got this result:


Okay, this is terrible. As you can see, it bleeds over onto the page, and doesn't look good. It also fails to properly enclose the infoboxes (though, switching between them does work, so I'll give it that.)

So then, I tried setting divs and aligning right. I got this:


This has gone nowhere. While yes, the tabs are now in the correct position, the box still bleeds out and fails to enclose the entire infobox.

So then, I went on to a music wiki and tried playing with their design. I got this:


Okay, a little better. The tabs are correct and the box does not bleed. However, it still fails to fit the whole infobox inside of it.

I came to the conclusion that the Tattlebox just wouldn't cut it, and we needed a new infobox, as you could see. So I went strolling round the internet, and the Evanescence wiki had just what I needed. So I added some code to this wiki's CSS, copied over the infobox and tweaked the values. This is the result:


Okay, this was exactly what I'm looking for. The tabs work, and are in the right place, there's no bleeding of any kind and it looks pretty decent to boot, all it needed was a few more tweaks.

So, a few tweaks later, we get this:


which looks a lot better.