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    Draft: Developers

    July 10, 2017 by AgentParadox

    This article lists the people who developed Tattletail.

    Ben Esposito is an independent game maker based in Los Angeles, and the creator of Tattletail. He led development of the game.

    Geneva Hodgson is one of the co-creators of Tattletail. She is also the voice actor of Mama Tattletail, the antagonist of the game.

    Ryann Shannon is an artist, and the voice actress of all Baby Talking Tattletails, including Boring Tattletail.

    Thomas "Tom" Astle is the lead programmer of Tattletail. He is also the developer of Wobbledogs, another indie game.

    Ben Esposito's Twitter

    Geneva Hodgson's Twitter

    Ryann Shannon's Twitter

    Tom Astle's Twitter

    Tom Astle's Youtube account

    Wobbledogs website

    Wobbledogs development diary

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    Here at the , while our main goal is to try and document everything about the game, we also have to ensure that all information is clear, written properly, and most important of all valid. Additionally, it is important that we know how to behave properly while using this site. Now, in order for us to achieve these goals, we must make sure that all editors know and understand how to edit articles properly.

    • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki.
    • Do not spam anywhere on the wiki.
      • This includes, but is not limited to, posting gibberish, random letters, comments that have nothing to do with the topic that is being commented on, chain messages, "copypastas," and huge blocks of text.
    • Do not harass or bully other users.
      • Do not edit other users' profil…

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    Manual of Style

    June 14, 2017 by AgentParadox

    Simply put, I'll likely create a Manual of Style in addition to the regular rules page, to further clarify the most common spelling and grammar errors, though it may become an extended rules page, which would further clarify what we look for on this wiki. Hopefully it should mistake-proof the wiki a lot more but I know it won't.

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  • AgentParadox

    As you might know, I tried to tab the infoboxes so they didn't take up loads of space. Let's look at the steps I performed.

    Firstly, I tried simply adding the tabber. I got this result:

    Okay, this is terrible. As you can see, it bleeds over onto the page, and doesn't look good. It also fails to properly enclose the infoboxes (though, switching between them does work, so I'll give it that.)

    So then, I tried setting divs and aligning right. I got this:

    This has gone nowhere. While yes, the tabs are now in the correct position, the box still bleeds out and fails to enclose the entire infobox.

    So then, I went on to a music wiki and tried playing with their design. I got this:

    Okay, a little better. The tabs are correct and the box does not bleed. Ho…

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  • AgentParadox

    ((from Wikipedia) The tooltip or infotip or a hint is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a pointer. The user hovers the pointer over an item, without clicking it, and a tooltip may appear—a small "hover box" with information about the item being hovered over.)

    Many FANDOM wikis use tooltips for their content, whether it be the default tooltip or a custom tooltip. Now, since I'm not all that experienced with templates, I decided to give a tip on how to use the default tooltip. This is how it is done:

    (hover mouse over it to see). (I use the asterisk to mark that a tooltip is there, as a visual clue. It's not necessary, but it helps.)

    Comments on your thoughts are welcome.

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