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Hello Tattletail fans!

I'm LunarFlareStudios again, but that account was hacked so I was glad to discover I could use Google.

I'm working on a few Tattletail projects right now

  • Revenge of the Tattletails (currently delayed)
  • Minty's Tattletail Holiday (speculated to arrive December 2019)
  • Tattletail 2 concept for Waygetter (based loosely on Revenge of the Tattletails)
  • An unnamed Tattletail Easter special featuring my (currently unfinished) Bendy puppet

The Bendy puppet, by the way, will replace the life size plush that appears in my videos--but only in my videos. Just thought I'd throw that out there.



Revenge of the Tattletails

It has been several years since the One-Winged Angel was banished to the City of Dreams. Anna Strong, an AI hybrid who works at Chuck E Cheese's and has two daughters, was selected to keep him at bay. But after their last battle, Sephiroth has lost an immense amount of power and must recharge by absorbing energies emitted by fear and anger. Knowing the tragic story of Mama Tattletail, he decides to possess one of the new models that has been finalized and released as of that summer. He can terrorize a child from inside it, and cause enough turmoil to escape and finally defeat Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna's youngest daughter Stacey, who has Asperger's Syndrome, is desperate to get a Mama Tattletail for Christmas. There's only five days left and she's hoping Santa Claus will bring her the toy to complete her Tattletail collection. Carla, Stacey's older sister, just wants some time to not be bound down by her mother's overprotective ways. But when Anna brings a Mama as an early Christmas gift in an attempt to keep her in the house when she's gone, little does she know she picked the wrong one...

As Mama wreaks havoc on the Strong household, Anna slowly comes to realize that her only way out is to do something that might put her entire family on the line.

Minty's Tattletail Holiday

Major Minty (me) is finally getting to leave the Shadow Dimension and be with her father for Christmas. Things are going great until Minty receives an early gift from her dad: a Baby Talking Tattletail to go with the modern Mama she already has.

Despite the fun she's having with the two, things go awry when an old enemy returns to torture her. Minty doesn't understand several things though. First off, Hawk Moth has never appeared in this part of the Mortal Dimension before. He's been keeping his work to Paris, except when he attacks the City of Dreams. Second, how did he find out she's Moon Angel? And third, why is he resorting to a stalking approach?

Then Mama goes ballistic on Minty, and the situaltion takes a deadly turn. Mind control through Akuma is one thing, but how did Mothy learn this trick? There is much more to discover about the dark, twisted villain of her nightmares, and Minty needs to fix things before Christmas is ruined.

Current concept is not final.

Tattletail 2

I'm keeping this one a secret! But I will say that it's going to be loosely based on Revenge of the Tattletails. There will be changes, though, and it's mainly to avoid copyright issues. For instance, Sephiroth (a Final Fantasy character) will be replaced by the demon possessing him in the movie and AU, Katai.

Easter Special

Nothing much! Just Bendy and Minty finding Tattletail eggs around their apartment, and a GIANT golden egg from Mama!


Input is much appreciated! Also, please go to my YouTube channel, Lunar Flare Studios, for animations and a few teasers leading up to the release of Minty's Tattletail Holiday!