aka Dough

  • I live in The Dough Universe
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is Knowing All your Thicks.
  • I am Dough
Hi Im John20167, Im a member of this Wiki And a member of Other Wikis But Im Even a Waygetter Electronics Co-Owner. I Would Help doing the wikis but we Are Busy of Making Waygetter Electronics Wiki. We are not popular On the wiki Yet Im suprised. I Do Help The wiki Sometimes But I almostly Develop Making The waygetter Electronics wiki. So If you Want to Contract me Message me on my wall if you want to talk About Tattletail Only in this Wiki or It will be Off-Topic. and I won't Like it Off-topic Because Its The rules in Alots of Wikis So Contract me Or Email me If You have any Sightings of Mama Tattletail Contract Our Work place But if you Want to Talk about Stuff Email My home Email.


We are Getting New Voice Lines plz Wait

give me a Treat or I will Not Give you a Treat If you don't Give me a Treat
Just kidding We are not Making Any new ones
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