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I exist.

I'm also an admin. If I make a mistake, let me know!


  • "bad name" - files I've renamed and tagged with this phrase have names not suitable for the wiki at all, whether they be vulgar, nonsense or "default" names.
  • "non-indicative name" - files I've renamed and tagged with this phrase have names which, while suitable for the wiki overall, do not accurately describe the image.
  • "No clear reason for being here" - files deleted and tagged with this phrase are files I couldn't find a clear use for. If a user objects, they should explain to me what the file was for, before re-uploading it.
  • [sic] - written "as-is".
  • If 3 days have passed (in nearly all cases) since an image is uploaded and it isn't used, then I'll just probably delete it to reduce gallery clutter.

Also, I wrote a guide for tooltips, which you can read here.

To-do List

  • Be active lol
  • Images for the Kaleidoscope (a few are still needed).
  • Scroll through unused images, seeing which can be used and when.
  • (somehow) figure out how to tab the infoboxes. (For NN/SG and Yellow/Blue Tattletails)
  • Create pages:
    • The Kaleidoscope (Location, not update, that already has a page).
    • Achievements
    • The House
    • Add a "Locations" tab to the Wiki Navigation once enough pages are made (Decided instead to pre-empt and stop people recreating the Kaleidoscope's page until I have enough information and screenshots to fill it out)
  • Convert "Official Release Trailer" page into a page for the VHS, and move trailer itself to Easter Eggs.
  • Convert "Night-Night and Snowglobe" page into a Minor Characters page, and add the other minor characters.
  • Expand OST page and add Kaleidoscope soundtracks.
    • Further expansion to include other ambient tracks.
  • Combine developers into a single page.
  • Use references (however the crap those work)

Memory triggers plus cassette

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