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''<gallery widths="224" orientation="square" spacing="large" columns="dynamic" position="center">
''<gallery widths="224" orientation="square" spacing="large" columns="dynamic" position="center">
Bedroom.png|Photo of the protagonist and their sibling.
Bedroom.png|Photo of the protagonist and their sibling.
FamilyPhotos.png|Family photos.
FamilyPhotos.png|Various other family photos, some featuring the Protagonist and their sibling.
Character Appearances.png|Photos that maybe shows the Protagonist's appearence.

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The Protagonist
Species Human
Gender Unknown
Family {{{family}}}
Eye Color Unknown
Fur/Hair Color Unknown
Voice Actor N/A

The Protagonist is the unseen main character of Tattletail. They are the child that the player controls. The Protagonist gets a Tattletail for Christmas and opens it five days early, facing the consequences.


Not much is known about The Protagonist's appearance, but it is assumed they are a child no older than around ten. They are deceased after their encounter with Mama Tattletail in the regular campaign's normal ending, though this is not considered the true ending. However, if the player unlocks the secret ending, they survive. They also survive both of the Kaleidoscope endings.


  • Ben Esposito (the game's creator) has said that the child was not intended to have a set gender, but it can be assumed they are one of the children seen in the photograph of their room. Many assume they are male due to the boyish look of their bedroom.
  • In the game, the protagonist appears to have a dog, but it is only alluded to through the appearance of a doghouse outside and the presence of dog food in one of the eggs. Additionally, a doggy dish is present in the basement. When asked about the whereabouts of the dog, Waygetter refused to comment on it.
  • The Protagonist can be seen in a couple of photos to be good at sports, which may explain their running capability.


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