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The Kaleidoscope is a location in Tattletail. It only appears in its respective campaign.


Very little is known about the Kaleidoscope, besides it being a dangerous place where every person's memories are stored. It takes on the appearance of a visitor's most remembered location, with the exception of having surreal geometry that defies the laws of physics. It is also able to alter these memories, as the note writer mentions in their notes to the Protagonist that the longer a person stays in the Kaleidoscope, the more their memories can change. The note also mentions that these changes can be permanent if too long is spent inside the Kaleidoscope.


During the Protagonist's visit, the Kaleidoscope takes on the appearance of their house, except there are three floors, with the first two floors both depicting the kitchen, their bedroom and the sitting room. There are cracks in the air, as if reality itself was broken. The air is also misty, and visibility is low, requiring the player to use the flashlight to be able to navigate. There are also a lot of refrigerators, charging stands and brushes for the player to satisfy their Tattletail's needs. Various furniture is scattered throughout the rooms, with most of it floating in the air, attached to the walls or having distorted geometry. The gardens are not depicted in the Kaleidoscope, and are thus inaccessible, as a brick wall can be seen behind the back door.

Mama Tattletail, Night-Night and Snowglobe can be found on the first floor, and a red casette tape can be found on the second floor in that floor's copy of the Protagonist's bedroom. Mama Tattletail is in a powered-off state, though the player can find the red casette tape and insert it into her. It is revealed to be an explanation of the Waydrive, a device that makes each Tattletail life-like.

The first floor is maze-like, and seems to have two kitchens and dining rooms. Snowglobe is found in the first dining room encountered, whereas Mama Tattletail is found in the second kitchen encountered. Night-Night can be found in this floor's copy of the Protagonist's bedroom.

The second floor's walls seem to twist and extend upward past the height of the first floor, further exemplifying the Kaleidoscope's alien nature. The walls can also be scaled by jumping up them repeatedly. 

The final floor is a replica of the room that Mama Tattletail is first found in during the regular campaign, except the mini-fridge and the wall behind it are gone, and replaced with a stone corridor that leads to the VHS tape that was responsible for scrambling the Protagonist's memories. The stone corridor is presumably the same for all visitors, as shown by it being the only place within the actual Kaleidoscope where a note from the note writer can be found, with the other notes being found just before entering.

Memory Triggers

Various memory triggers can be found throughout the dimension. These memory triggers are a photocopy of the Waygetter Eye, a photograph of the Waygetter Electronics headquarters, a patent, and an old note. The note reads:

"Why was Mama banned?

Why was Mama banned?

Was Mama banned?

Was Mama banned?"

The photocopy can be found on the first floor in its copy of the Protagonist's bedroom. The patent can be found behind the Christmas tree on the first floor. The photograph can be found in the second floor's dining room, and the old note can be found by scaling the second floor kitchen's walls.