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Mama and her children.

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About Tattletail

Tattletail is a horror game made by Ben Esposito and Geneva Hodgson released on December 28, 2016. The game involve the player having to take care of their Talking Tattletail that they opened 5 days before Christmas, and also avoiding the blood thirsty Mama Tattletail.


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RamChoops RamChoops 9 days ago

Renders n' shit

Made some renders in like 2020 for halloween, never really posted them anywhere, so have 'em here!

Over here!

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Sachi Toytale Sachi Toytale 30 November 2021



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LunarFlareMinty LunarFlareMinty 14 November 2021

Look who's back!

With Christmas on the way, I've decided to work on Minty's Tattletail Christmas in hopes of getting it out by the holidays. I'm writing the script now, and next will come voice acting for some of the…

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