Everynight the player needs to feed, brush, recharge The Tattletail.

If you don't feed, brush and recharge Tattletail, The tattletail will make noise that will attract Mama.



The battery bar when full.

Battery is the 1st need.

The battery is tattletail's energy.

Im dying season 954935943

Empty battery bar.

When the battery is low, he will be tired.


You can recharge tattletail in the basement's recharger.

If you don't recharge tattletail his voice will be slow pitched and distorted, and he will repeat the following phrase:

Uh oh!



The feed bar when full.

Feed is the 2nd need.

The feed is the tattletail's hunger.

Im dying

Empty feed bar.


You can feed the tattletail in the kitchen's refrigerator

The tattletail is fed by snacks.

If you don't feed tattletail he will repeat the following phrase:

Give me a treat!



The groom bar when full.

Groom is the 3rd need.

Im dying season 2

Empty groom bar.

You can brush tattletail's hair with the brush in the living room.

Every tattletail has hair and grooming needs.


If you don't brush tattletail's hair he will repeat the following phrase:

Brush me!


  • -Taking care of tattletail's needs is very important if you are far away from placing him somewhere. This is since he will repeat it over and over again while you have him, which will help Mama find you.
  • Even if the battery meter is really low, he never does run out of battery (so don't hope you can make him shut down). His constant "uh-ohing" also attracts Mama if she's near. Any noise does.
  • Taking care of his battery is the only thing that involves you going into the basement, while the other needs are taken care of in the first floor of the house.
  • Recharging Tattletail takes the longest to do out of all the needs.
  • The need for tattletail to be fed is also a need in furbys (the real life thing). But instead of giving furbys real food, you simply feed them with your finger.
  • The battery meter tends to be the last meter to run out.
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