Tattletail Wiki

Tattletail's needs. Note the groom bar going down.

Every night, the player needs to feed, brush, and recharge Tattletail. If Tattletail's needs aren't met, he will make a lot of noise, attracting Mama. This can be especially dangerous when hiding in areas of the house that are far from the brush, refrigerator and charging stand. Note that his boring alter ego from the Kaleidoscope campaign also has these same needs. Additionally, inside the Kaleidoscope, there is more than one charging stand, brush and refrigerator.


The battery bar when full.

The battery is Tattletail's energy.

Empty battery bar.

When the battery is low, Tattletail will need to be recharged. In the game, Tattletail's battery runs low but does not drain entirely, as part of Mama's sound-based tracking of the player. If Tattletail isn't recharged, his voice will be low pitched and distorted, and he will repeatedly say "Uh oh". Recharging Tattletail takes longer than feeding or grooming, as is expected. The battery meter tends to also be the last meter to run out.

The charging stand.

The charging stand can be found in the basement.


The feed bar when full.

Tattletail "really eats" and needs to be fed after a while.

Empty feed bar.

The refrigerator.

Tattletail can be fed from the kitchen's refrigerator, which never seems to run out of food. If Tattletail isn't fed, he will repeatedly say "Give me a treat!"

Tattletail's hunger appears to be the quickest meter that depletes.


The groom bar when full.

Tattletail's fur gets messy after a while and needs to be groomed.

Empty groom bar.

If Tattletail isn't groomed, he will repeatedly say "Brush me!"

The brush.

The brush is found on the sitting room sofa.


  • Taking care of Tattletail's battery is the only thing that involves going into the basement, while the other needs are taken care of on the first floor of the house.
  • The need for Tattletail to be fed is also a need for the real Furby toys. But instead of giving a Furby real food, the owner simply uses their finger.