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Source Code - This is the source code for the Tattletail game, and file games.

If you do not know what the source code of games or programs is, imagine that you are creating your own game, or actually creating it or a program, and when you create, you save what you have already done, this will be the source code of your game or programs


Appearance & Features

Thanks to the source code of the game, you can see how the game was created, view all sprites, sounds, secrets and Easter eggs, locations, models and sprites, the whole game


  • Tattletail's made on Unity. Any game that is made on Unity, you can get the source code using the program uTinyRipper
  • You can change the game, sprites, levels, menus, anything, rearrange objects, so people make mods for the popular game Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, replacing sprites, or get the source code and make Decompiled mods, you can also do and with tattail and any game made at Unity
  • On the game Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, there is a mod for Tattletail
    • On VHS cameras, you can see a full-length person or employee Waygetter Electronics, or a policeman, in the game files he is signed as Douglas
  • You can find Tattletail dad, father, in the game files.
    • In the source code, there are secret levels signed as memories, also in the game there are secret sprites, and levels with sounds that did not make it into the game take a long time to talk about them
  • RageonNick has the source code of this game, he was going to port it to android, but he didn’t do it, either he couldn’t or didn’t want to
  • Games on Clickteam Fusion 2.5 can be decompiled from Python, the most famous games on this engine is Five Nights at Freddy's
  • If you do not want or cannot hack the source of the game, then we posted it on the Internet, at this link: http://wdfiles.ru/rmGL
    • RageonNick He also deals with other games and ports on android such as Five Nights at Freddy's and many others.
  • There are secret rooms on the VHS cameras, such as Prototype 04 and the Control Room, you can view them in the Unity source code, all rooms from the VHS cameras are in 1 scene, but there is nothing behind the Prototype 04 door, it’s just a sprite, or Waygetter Electronics just didn't do anything outside the door
  • In the source code of the game, you can see the scene with the house where the protagonist lives, on the map there is one house with a garage, a gazebo and a booth and fences and another house, if you climb onto the booth, you can climb onto the roof house and you can fall out on the map, In this way, you can quickly go through the game, it’s either a bug, or it’s specially made for speedranes, in the source code you can see that the house is standing alone, there are just trees with hills, or Waygetter Electronics as well as VHS cameras did not do the city or it’s like, or the protagonist lives in forests or in a tree not, or in your home, such as in Arthur and the Invisibles, but then there is one inconsistencies as they are ordered or brought Tattletail?
  • You can also see the passages in the house, this is the passage to the Kaleidoscope, there are scenes where there is a house, where is night, or where is day, or a house with Kaleidoscope effects
  • On Clickteam Fusion 2.5, there’s a fan games of Tattletail, it’s called a TattleTop and One Night and Waygetter Electronics, you can get the source code of TattleTop and Waygetter Electronics Clickteam fusion 2.5 in the above way
  • Hacked source codes are usually damaged, so you have to fix the source code, or recreate it to make your game or mod in it, or if you just want to see how the game is made, some textures will be purple, so it's ok to look at the source, but you can fix it
  • Tattletail's official model is available on Steam Workshop, along with his box and Mama Tattletail
  • There is a flying room in which there are moms
  • If you want to just crack sprites without source code, then there is UABE program for this, but you can download the game source from the above link and find sprites there