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Every night in the Regular Campaign, The Protagonist wakes up and roams their home. The player will have to deal with Baby Talking Tattletail every night until Christmas morning.

In the Kaleidoscope Campaign, something has gone wrong and the Protagonist's memories of the events appear to have been tampered with, so they must investigate what is happening, why Mama Tattletail is nice and why Baby Talking Tattletail is so "boring".

Regular Campaign

December 20, 1998

The player must wake up, find their way down to the basement, and open the Tattletail box. After playing with it for a while, the player re-wraps Tattletail in his box and goes back to bed.

December 21, 1998

The player will hear a clunking noise and needs to investigate it. The player will then need to go down in the basement and will find Tattletail in the washing machine. After taking Tattletail out of the washing machine, the player then has to charge Tattletail in the charging station. After that, the player then has to find a vase so that Tattletail and the player can "play" with it. The vase breaks, and the lights go out. The game tells the player to grab the flashlight, causing the task name to change to "Oh no...". Eventually the lights come back on and the player must wrap up Tattletail. The player then will have to go to bed.

December 22, 1998

The player wakes up to a grinding noise. After picking up the flashlight, the player will find Mama Tattletail in the basement. The player then has to load a cassette into Mama. After listening to the tape, the player has to bring Tattletail to Mama. Upon reaching the basement however, Mama has disappeared. The player wraps up Tattletail, and cleans up his mess. While heading upstairs, the lights will go out and the game will give a hint about Mama. Go to bed.

Note: This is the first night Mama can kill the player.

December 23, 1998

The player wakes up and needs to investigate the chattering sound coming from outside. Once outside, the purple Tattletail and a yellow Tattletail can be seen conversing in the garage. Grab the purple Tattletail and he will tell the player to interact with his friend to start a game of hide and seek. While the yellow Tattletail is hiding, Mama will hunt the player. When the lights turn back on, find the yellow Tattletail. This will repeat twice, each time adding 30 seconds to the timer. After the third time, the game will tell the player to grab the VHS tape near the yellow Tattletail, and play it on the player's television in the bedroom. The VHS tape shows a Tattletail commercial with interactive cameras. Upon closer viewing of the commercial, Mama will be teleporting a body around, and a man can be found struggling. Once the VHS tape ends, go to bed.

December 24 (Christmas Eve)

The player will be awoken by Tattletail. He will tell the player to help them throw a party for Mama. After heading to the basement, the player will put Tattletail on the charging station. Tattletail instructs them to go find his friends. One is under the Christmas tree, the other is in the garage. Mama will chase the player while they find the two Tattletails. After that, the player needs to find some supplies.

  • Cupcakes
  • Festive lights
  • Candles

The cupcakes can be found on a table in the dining room. The festive lights can be found on the Christmas tree while the candles can be found on the kitchen counter. After bringing the candles, the Tattletails will form a circle, having arranged the lights into the shape of a pentagram, and will be chanting "No more Mama!". After the player's Tattletail joins the seance, light the candles, rewind the VHS and a checkpoint will be created. The player then has to survive Mama's hunt during the ritual. Mama will then steal the candles, and hide them in five random vases while hunting the player. After finding and relight all the candles, observe the ceremony. The VHS will glow and levitate, and after a while, destroy it to banish Mama. The lights will then turn back on and all the Tattletails will return to their boxes. Go to bed.

December 25

The player wakes up on Christmas morning, and goes to open their present. Mama's chase music plays while the present is opened. If the player did not collect all the eggs, the present will be an empty Tattletail box, followed by a jumpscare from Mama, meaning the ritual was unsuccessful. However, if the player collects the eggs, the present is Tattletail, who will give the Protagonist his "birth" tag, and a golden flashlight. Wake up Mom, and the game ends with Tattletail thanking the player.

Kaleidoscope Campaign

December 25, 1998

The player is instructed to open their gift, which is a purple Tattletail. However, Tattletail now looks different, with green eyes, gray eyelids and a dull grayish tone to his fur. He also speaks in a lower-pitched robotic monotone. Tend to his needs, then listen to his facts, many of which are obvious, strange or both. "Neptune is a planet in our solar system" is one such example. After listening to a few facts, Tattletail's voice will slowly distort until he shuts off. Head to the door to investigate the knocking. The door will be open and there will be a package. Open it, and read the letter. It then heads to the next (previous) night.

December 24, 1998

Tattletail appears at the beginning of the night in front of the player's bed, repeatedly prompting the player to wake up. After he is picked up, bring him to the basement and Yellow Tattletail, Blue Tattletail, and Mama can be found having a tea party instead of a ritual. Put Tattletail on the plate, and the player gets a letter after Tattletail utters another fact.

December 23, 1998

Tattletail appears in front of the player's bed again, prompting them to wake up. After doing so, the player should head through the kitchen, where the Yellow Tattletail can be found crying and complaining that his egg is gone, and Mama Tattletail will be consoling him. The blue Tattletail will be in the garage, with the stolen egg. Open it to receive yet another letter, causing the player to go back yet another day.

December 22, 1998

The player is woken up to a grinding noise coming from the basement. Pick up the flashlight (it will be on the floor in front of the basement door) and head down to where Mama first appears in the regular campaign, stopping to have Tattletail tell a knock-knock joke along the way. Mama will be wide awake and looking around. Turn her off, and her chase music begins to play. Head upstairs and into the sitting room, where the lights turn back on. Mama is seen again, gifting eggs to the yellow and blue Tattletails, the blue one's egg having broken quickly. The letter on the floor then alludes to the titular Kaleidoscope, a dangerous place where all memories are stored. The letter also suggests avoiding it at all costs. The player is sent back another day.

December 21, 1998

The player is woken up to a clunking noise, just like in the main game. However, upon going down to the basement, Tattletail will be on a table next to the washing machine. Turn it off and retrieve the clothes. Then, pick up Tattletail and head to the nearby open door where Mama Tattletail can be seen congratulating the yellow and blue Tattletails for having fixed a vase. Break the vase (Mama doesn't object, for some reason) and read the letter.

December 20, 1998

The player is instructed to go and open their present early. The present is Tattletail, still not returned to normal. Go and open the package on the table to reveal another letter. The letter presents the player with two choices: either go to bed and have Tattletail be boring forever (without having to worry about Mama) or enter the Kaleidoscope and try to fix the changed memories. The player can do either one, though going to bed will immediately end the game.

Go towards the door and read the letter, which will warn the player that the Kaleidoscope will change memories more vigorously the more time they spend inside. Go inside the newly-formed passageway, which appears to be a long stone corridor with turns and stairs going down. At the end of the first turn will be another letter advising the player to remember the path they took, and telling them that the memory might be hidden very deeply inwards. After a few flights of stairs, there will be a hole in the ground. Drop down and continue along the corridor and the player will come across the entrance to the Kaleidoscope, which looks like a shattered mirror. Go in.

Inside the Kaleidoscope

While inside the Kaleidoscope, the screen is tinted blue (rather than black), the air is misty, and in some places, one can find cracks in mid-air. After descending one more flight of stairs, the player finds themselves in a replica of their house, except for the distorted, surreal geometry. The house is now a maze, and there are are multiple charging stands, brushes and refrigerators, some being attached to the walls, and some even floating in the air.

Along the way a black Tattletail and white Tattletail can be found, but they are inactive and a tag on each one notes them as defective units, with the names "Night-Night" and "Snowglobe", respectively. Mama Tattletail can also be found, in an inactive state. Along the way, the protagonist can find various memory triggers that seemingly serve no purpose. They can also find a red cassette by travelling down one floor and going into the bedroom-looking area. Upon returning upstairs and loading the cassette into Mama, it is revealed to be a tape explaining the Waydrive, a device which "gives each Tattletail its unique personality". This is why Night-Night and Snowglobe cannot speak.

Descend another flight of stairs and the player will go through a replica of the room the Kaleidoscope is entered from, and another corridor. Read the letter attached to the VHS tape, which tells the player that the VHS tape is what caused the memories to be fractured. Watch the tape.

The VHS is a Tattletail commercial, but it looks completely different to the one from the normal campaign. The song that plays has lyrics about Mama being the viewer's best friend and having never been banned.

December 20, 1998?

The player is instructed to open their Christmas present early. Doing so reveals Tattletail, who is finally back to normal. After feeding and grooming Tattletail, go to wrap him back up. He will tell a knock-knock joke about oranges. The last line will be said by Mama, in her savage state, cracking the screen as if breaking through. "Orange-you forgetting someone!?"

Leaving the Kaleidoscope

The player must escape the Kaleidoscope, evading Mama and satisfying Tattletail's needs. If Mama kills the flashlight, instead of her usual dialogue, the lines will be about Mama loving her child so much and assuring the Protagonist that they won't escape. Mama also gets a different jumpscare in this dimension, in which she spins around incredibly rapidly and her eyes flash multiple colours. The player is safe from Mama when inside the stone corridors, though they must be careful about making noise when near the end as Mama can teleport near the exit and ambush them. Additionally, all the doors to the right will begin vibrating and knocking loudly, though this is only an attempt to scare the player.

As the player leaves, Mama will beg the player not to leave her. Ignore her advice and leave anyway.

The Real December 25, 1998

The player is instructed to open their present. As they do, Mama's chase music will play but Tattletail will be in the present. He tells the player that they fixed him, and thanks them with another gift. Said gift turns out to be a letter, congratulating the player. Tattletail then tells the player another knock-knock joke. When the player asks "Me who?", the camera pans slowly down and zooms into Tattletail as Mama's chase music plays again, as if the Kaleidoscope turned Tattletail himself savage. However, the screen then irises around Tattletail as he says "Me love you! Hehehehe!". The screen irises out and the game ends.


Mama's grinding noise.

Night opening music.