The nights are each time, you, the child wake up and roam your home. You will have to deal with Tattletail every night until Christmas morning.

December 20

The player must wake up, find his way down to the basement, and open the Tattle tail. after playing with it, the player re-wraps Tattle tail in his box and goes back to bed.

December 21

The player will hear a clunking noise and needs to investigate it.The player will then need to go down in the basement and will find Tattle tail in the washing machine.The player then has to charge Tattle tail in the charging station.The player then has to find a vase so him and Tattle tail can "play" with.You then break the vase and the lights start to go out.This is when the game tells the player to grab the flashlight and the task wll say "Oh no".Then the player wrap up Tattle tail.He will then says "Mama's scary" before you wrap him up.Which is a warning because the next few nights.Mama will become hostile.The player then will have to go to bed.

December 22

The player wakes up to pick up the flashlight and needs to investigate the grinding noise.The player will then find Mama in the basement. The player then has to load a cassette into Mama.After that the player will then need to bring tattle tail to Mama,but Mama would be gone by then.Later the player just need to wrap tattle tail back up and clean up his mess.while heading up the stairs the lights will go out and the game tells the player how to deal with Mama.And then the player go to bed.

This is the first night Mama can kill you!

December 23

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December 24

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December 25

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