Uhh. Something's wrong, Tattletail wasn't like this. This isn't how it happened at all.
— a mysterious note.

Mysterious Notes are letters that the protagonist comes across in the Kaleidoscope Campaign. They were left by an unknown person, presumably a Waygetter Electronics employee, as a means of communicating with the Protagonist. In the letters, the Protagonist is warned about the Kaleidoscope as they try to remember the events leading up to Christmas Day 1998. The first few notes give the Protagonist flashbacks, although said flashbacks are of memories that have been tampered with, and the Protagonist can no longer correctly remember Tattletail and Mama Tattletail.


December 25, 1998

"Uhh. Something's wrong, Tattletail wasn't like this. This isn't how it happened at all.

Stay calm. Just try to remember.

What happened the night before Christmas?"

December 24, 1998

"This is DEFINITELY wrong. Mama Tattletail wasn't nice. She was banned... Right?

Okay, don't panic. Your memories are just mixed up. Not trying to scare you but if you can't remember how things really happened, Tattletail will be weird and boring forever.

But seriously, don't panic. Let's just go back another night."

December 23, 1998

"Uh oh. Your memories are becoming weirdly, um....Cute.

Look, memories are like VHS tapes. Every time you play them, they get a little fuzzier. Worse yet, with the right trigger, someone can record over them.

I think somebody recorded over Christmas 1998."

December 22, 1998

"Okay, this is all wrong. Someone has tampered with this memory too.

There *is* a place you can find what's changing your memory, but it's really dangerous. It's called The Kaleidoscope.

We're going to avoid it at all costs."

December 21, 1998

"Oh boy... We have one last chance to get things right. If Tattletail still isn't normal on December 20th, you may have to use...

The Kaleidoscope. It's where all memories are stored. One on top of the other, good and bad, real and imagined. You might find what you're looking for...but there's a price. The more time you spend down there, the more things will change. Forever.

The worst part is, I can't even promise it will work."

December 20, 1998

"You can't remember anything about Tattletail before this night, can you? Dang.

Okay, here are your options:

You can go through that door and visit The Kaleidoscope. You might find whatever changed your memories and bring back what really happened Christmas 1998.

Or you can go to bed and your memory of Tattletail will be boring forever. But hey, you won't remember how scary Mama Tattletail really was either... So maybe it's not so bad.

The door is dangerous, the bed is cold. I'm just glad I don't have to pick this time, heh."

"All right, you're here. Good. But I have to warn you:

The more time you spend in The Kaleidoscope, the more your memories can change. Permanently. You could mess yourself up real good.

Don't get stuck down there.

"Look for the thing that caused your memory to change. It might be hidden pretty deep, and it gets twisty down there. Remember the path you take.

You might have better luck than me."

Inside The Kaleidoscope

"I knew it. This tape is the reason your memories have been rewritten.

If you watch it, its power over you will be destroyed...

Just hope nothing else gets messed up in the process."

The Real December 25, 1998

"Wow. I'm impressed! You did a lot better than I did.

Hopefully your memories didn't get too mixed up down there... never hurts to check if anything has changed.

Say hi to Tattletail for me. Until next time..."


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