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This is a list of music that plays during the events of Tattletail.


Track Track Name Location
OST - Unknown An extended version of this plays during the opening of each night.
OST - Commercial This plays in the official release trailer, and in the VHS received on December 23rd.
OST - Mama's Grinding This track plays at several points in the game:
  • It plays while being pursued by Mama Tattletail in either campaign.
  • It plays after the player turns Mama Tattletail off in the Kaleidoscope campaign, though she doesn't pursue the player after they turn her off.
  • A shortened version plays while opening the present on Christmas Day in either campaign.
  • The same shortened version plays during the stinger of the Kaleidoscope campaign (while the camera zooms in on Tattletail).
A Message From Waygetter Electronics This plays in the video "A Message from Waygetter Electronics". Mama Tattletail's voice can be heard saying "I'll never forget you!" at the end.
OST - Happiness This plays near the end of each day in the Kaleidoscope campaign, and stops playing every time the player receives a letter. Additionally this plays during the Tea Party.
OST - Mystery Prize This plays when encountering something in the Kaleidoscope that's an incorrect memory.
OST - Kaleidoscope Interior This track plays while exploring The Kaleidoscope, and stops once the player watches the VHS.
OST - Kaleidoscope Drone This is heard while near the entrance of The Kaleidoscope after entering, and stops playing once the player moves away from the entrance.
Kaleidoscope Drone Unease This seems to be a variation of the Kaleidoscope Drone track, and is currently unused.
Stinger 1 This sound plays at various points while exploring The Kaleidoscope.
Stinger 2 This sound plays once when the player approaches the entrance to The Kaleidoscope, and once again when the player descends down a floor inside The Kaleidoscope.
OST - Kaleidoscope Commercial This plays while watching the VHS received from inside The Kaleidoscope.
OST - Credits This plays on the credits screen.