This is a table of music that plays during the events of Tattletail.


Track Track Name Location
Tattletail OST - Unknown
OST - Unknown A shortened version of this plays during the opening of each night.
Tattletail OST - Commercial
OST - Commercial This plays in the official release trailer, and in the VHS received on December 23rd.
Tattletail OST - Mama's Grinding
OST - Mama's Grinding This track plays while being pursued by Mama Tattletail. Also plays after switching off Mama in the Kaleidoscope campaign.
Tattletail OST - Message
A Message From Waygetter Electronics This plays in the video "A Message from Waygetter Electronics". Mama's voice can be heard at the end.
Tattletail OST - Happiness
OST - Happiness This plays near the end of each day in the Kaleidoscope campaign, and stops playing every time the player receives a letter.
Tattletail OST - Kaleidoscope
OST - Kaleidoscope Interior This track plays while exploring The Kaleidoscope, and stops once the player watches the VHS.
Tattletail OST - Kaleidoscope Drone
OST - Kaleidoscope Drone This is heard while near the entrance of The Kaleidoscope after entering, and stops playing once the player moves away from the entrance.
Tattletail OST - Kaleidoscope Drone Unease
Kaleidoscope Drone Unease This seems to be a variation of the Kaleidoscope Drone track, and is currently unused.
Stinger 1 This sound plays a few times while exploring The Kaleidoscope.
Stinger 2 This sound plays once when the player approaches the entrance to The Kaleidoscope, and once again when the player descends down a floor inside The Kaleidoscope.
Tattletail OST - Kaleidoscope Commercial
OST - Kaleidoscope Commercial This plays while watching the VHS received from inside The Kaleidoscope.
Tattletail OST - End Credits
OST - Credits This plays on the credits screen.
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