Mom and Mama

Hi again y'all anyone ever think about how protags mom has been never seen but only heard? well when we enter (or see)her bedroom on the “hide and seek” minigame and when Mama Is chasing you and we see Mama inside right? And I get that she can teleport but, why is she in there? She could have as easily gone behind the protag and jumpscared him! And trust me, no model for Mom but only one for Mama! (ok i guess we were never meant to see her anyways) but the dev’s could at least put feet at the end of the bed! (I'm not trying to hate on the dev team. They worked hard on the game and I respect that) So this makes me think 3 things. Mama killed Mom, Mama is mom…? And (this one might be cringey) Mama wants to be our Mom and the yawning is a tape that Mama is playing. (I’t does sound like in my opinion) and she wants to kill us so she can have protag forever. (no yandere references in the comments please).

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