Species Human
Gender Female
Family Dad (husband)
The Protagonist (child)
Eye Color Unknown (possibly dark brown)
Fur/Hair Color Unknown (possibly dark brown)
Voice Actor N/A

"Mom" is the mother of the Protagonist. Little is known about her, as she is only seen from one photo that might be of the Protagonist's parents.


During gameplay, the protagonist can knock on her bedroom door, even though she never comes out. If the player knocks about five or six times on the door, she can be heard yawning. Mom can also be heard yawning in the Gift ending.

Knocking on Mom's door while being pursued by Mama Tattletail will trigger Mama's jumpscare. However, if the protagonist attempts to knock on Mom's door during the beginning of the third round of hide-and-seek, the door will actually open and Mama will be seen inside. She will jumpscare the player immediately afterwards, however. If the protagonist waits until the yellow Baby Talking Tattletail starts speaking before they open the door, they will be able to enter the room. Mama Tattletail will be seen for a split second but then vanishes. Two seconds after entering the room, Mama will jumpscare the player. There is no way to prevent her jumpscare upon entering Mom's room.

Mom's yawning sound.


  • Mom's only dialogue is a yawn, which was done by a member.
  • Knocking on the door for 1 and a half minutes allows access to Mom's room, though the player is required to disable Mama's jumpscare if they wish to explore it.


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