This is a list of minor characters in Tattletail. Minor characters either have little to no bearing on the gameplay/story, or do not make a major appearance in-game.

Phone Announcer

The Phone Announcer is an unseen character in Tattletail. When the player answers the phone on December 24th, 1998, her voice is heard announcing something, which is possibly an announcement for the Baby Talking Tattletail toy line, though the recording is severely glitchy.


Dad is the Protagonist's father. Very little is known about him, other than from a single photo. He is not seen or heard in-game, leading many players to assume he is either divorced, working away from home or deceased.

The Protagonist's Sibling

Not much is known about the Protagonist's sibling, besides there being a few photos arounds the house featuring them with the Protagonist. Their name is not revealed, much like the Protagonist's. They are not seen in-game despite the Protagonist owning a double bed, leading many players to assume they are deceased.

Note Writer

The note writer is a person who writes notes to the player during the Kaleidoscope campaign. Their identity is unknown, but from their knowledge of Tattletails, it is possible that they are a Waygetter Electronics employee.

Night-Night and Snowglobe

Night-Night and Snowglobe are a pair of Tattletails encountered in the Kaleidoscope update. They are defective units and do not speak. They can be found inside the second stage of the Kaleidoscope.


Night-Night is a black-colored Tattletail.

Night-Night will be sitting deactivated on the Protagonist's dresser where the television usually is. A task saying "Check Tattletail" will pop up. Doing so will show the player Night-Night's manufacturing tag.


Snowglobe is a white-colored Tattletail.

Snowglobe will be sitting on the dining room table. A task saying "Check Tattletail" will pop up. Doing so will show the player Snowglobe's manufacturing tag.


  • The Phone Announcer is voiced by Geneva Hodgson, the voice of Mama.
  • Although Night-Night and Snowglobe never open their eyes, it is likely that they both have amber eyes, rather than blue, since the Tattletail box shows white and black Tattletails as having amber-colored eyes.


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