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Mama's Coming!
— - Mama Tattletail
Mama Tattletail

Species Tattletail Cassette Player
Gender Female
Family Baby Talking Tattletail (oldest son)
Yellow and Blue Talking Tattletails
Aliases Mama
Eye Color Brown
Fur/hair Color Tan
Voice Actor Geneva Hodgson

Species Evil Child Killing Tattletail
Gender Female
Aliases Mama
Eye Color Red
Fur/hair Color Brown
Voice Actor Geneva Hodgson

Mama Tattletail is a toy created by Waygetter Electronics that was discontinued shortly after her conception. She is the mother of all Tattletails, and the main antagonist of the game.


Unlike the baby Tattletails, Mama Tattletail toys seem to have only been made in one color. They share the cream-colored underbelly and muzzle of their younger kin, but are larger in size, have brown eyes and fur, a white tuft of hair on their heads and a tape-deck in their stomachs. Their ears are the same size as those of the Baby Tattletails, and are smaller in comparison to their bodies as a result.

The Mama Tattletail seen in Tattletail is the primary and only threat of the game, and has the appearance of a normal-looking Mama Tattletail toy. After going evil, however, she has torn ears, darker-colored fur and her eyes disappear, revealing glowing red LEDs. Her tape-deck's cover also seems to be missing. During the jumpscare sequence, she lunges at you, her head spins rapidly from side to side, and her mouth opens wide, revealing six very sharp, pointy teeth.


Mama Tattletail was designed to read stories to children via the use of various pre-recorded cassette tapes. The tapes seem to have been accompanied by books for the children to read along with, judging by the inclusion of "turn the page" in the tape heard in-game. Mama Tattletail's head would rotate while the tape was being played.

Mama Tattletail does not speak unless the tape is inserted, and may be unable to speak without a tape, When she isn't Chasing the Protagonist.


Mama Tattletail is attracted to loud noises and will follow The Protagonist around based on the noises they or their Tattletail make. If the player approaches Mama Tattletail, or makes a loud noise too close to her, she will attack. Mama Tattletail's attack kills the Protagonist instantly.

She can move around the house, but only when the player isn't looking directly at her. Looking directly at Mama Tattletail causes the player's Flashlight to go out. If it does, Mama Tattletail will teleport and may kill the player. Mama Tattletail also makes grinding noises when she is near and she can cut off the lights, making it harder for the player to avoid her. If she kills the player's flashlight, an ominous sound may often play, and Mama will either say "Mama's coming", "Mama will look after you", "Come to Mama" or "Mama's looking after you". Mama will often make a clattering sound when moving.

Mama's chase theme.


Mama Tattletail can be seen facing away from the screen, rather torn apart.

Regular Campaign

December 20, 1998

Mama does not appear Visibly at all, but She might be is the one who cuts the lights in the basement after the player has taken care of their Tattletail's needs.

December 21, 1998

Mama Tattletail's eyes are briefly seen. The player's Tattletail will say "Mama scary!" after the main objective of this chapter is complete.

December 22, 1998

The player will wake up to a grinding noise. They will find Mama Tattletail deactivated in the basement, making that same grinding sound until they approach her, whereupon they will load a cassette tape into Mama Tattletail and listen to her story. The player's Tattletail will ask to see Mama Tattletail, but by the time they get there, Mama Tattletail is gone. After wrapping Tattletail back up, Mama Tattletail will chase the player as they head back upstairs to clear up the mess Tattletail made in the sitting room.

December 23, 1998

Mama Tattletail will consistently terrorize the player throughout this chapter while the Tattletail's play Hide & Seek.

The yellow Tattletail can be heard conversing with Mama Tattletail during the final hide-and-seek game, It tells her that the player is in the bedroom. This is the only time a Tattletail actually "tattles" on the player.

At the end of this chapter, the player finds a VHS tape featuring a Tattletail commercial in which Mama Tattletail appears. "MAMA" is one of the cameras the player can access while watching the tape.

December 24, 1998

The Tattletails are throwing a "party" for Mama Tattletail, which is in fact an attempt to banish her using the VHS tape from the previous night. Mama Tattletail will hunt the player character while they are gathering supplies, and will also steal some candles and hide them in vases part way through the ritual. The player must retrieve the candles and destroy the VHS tape to banish her.

December 25, 1998

Mama Tattletail will attack the player once they have opened their Christmas gift, replacing the Baby Tattletail they were supposed to get (thus revealing the ritual was a failure). However, if the Secret/Good ending is unlocked, she has successfully been banished the night before. 

Kaleidoscope Campaign

December 24, 1998

Mama Tattletail can be found in the basement, having a tea party with Butternut (Yellow Tattletail From "Funny games") and Dewdrop (one of the two Cyan Tattletail's from "The party").

December 23, 1998

After waking up, the player will find her second son, Butternut in the kitchen, crying about his egg being stolen. Mama Tattletail can be seen comforting him.

December 22, 1998

Wake up and and head down to where Mama Tattletail first appears in the regular campaign, stopping to have Boring Tattletail tell a knock-knock joke along the way. Mama Tattletail will be found in the basement, making the grinding noise. She is wide awake and looking around. Turn her off, and her chase music begins to play, though this ultimately turns out to be a false alarm, as after heading upstairs and into the sitting room, Mama Tattletail can be seen again, gifting eggs to the yellow and blue Tattletails, Dewdrop's egg having broken.

December 21, 1998

After turning off the washing machine and grabbing her eldest son, Tattletail, the player should head to the nearby room, where Mama Tattletail can be seen congratulating Butternut and Dewdrop for having fixed a vase with bandages. For some reason, Mama Tattletail ignores the player breaking it again.

Inside the Kaleidoscope

Mama Tattletail's sole appearance in this segment is as an inactive unit (like she was on Night 3 of the regular campaign) but in the kitchen-looking area rather than the basement. However, one can find a red cassette on the lower level of the Kaleidoscope, and upon inserting it into Mama Tattletail, it is revealed to be an explanation of the Waydrive, a device inside every Tattletail that makes them life-like.

December 20, 1998?

While bringing the regular Tattletail to the basement, Tattletail will start to tell a joke.

"Knock Knock!"

Reply: "Who's there?"

Tattletail says "Orange!"

Reply: "Orange, who?"

The lights are off.

Then Mama Tattletail jumpscares the Protagonist while saying:

"Orange you forgetting someone!?”

Leaving the Kaleidoscope

The player must escape the Kaleidoscope, while evading Mama Tattletail and satisfying Tattletail's needs. If Mama Tattletail kills the flashlight, instead of her usual dialogue, the lines will be about her loving her child so much and assuring the Protagonist that they won't escape. Mama Tattletail also gets a different jumpscare in this dimension, in which she spins around incredibly rapidly and her eyes flash multiple colours. The player is safe from Mama Tattletail when inside the stone corridors, though they must be careful about making noise when near the end of each one, as she can teleport near the exit and ambush them. As the player leaves, Mama Tattletail will beg the player not to leave her.



The children thought that Mama would never find them as long as she couldn't see them. Turn the page. But Mama could still hear the children. The pitter-patter of their little feet lead Mama right to them. Turn the page. Then Mama found the children, every last one, and put them right back to bed.
Come to Mama!
Mama will look after you!
Mama's looking after you!
Mama's coming!

All's well that ends well!
The real gift egg, is family.
Don't cry, Butternut!
Here are your eggs, children!
Thank you!
You'll get treats tomorrow!
(Male voice) You're not just an employee, you're a new member of the Waygetter Family! *fast forward* Each Tattletail contains a special device, called a Waydrive. The Waydrive gives our toys their unique personality. *fast forward* How does the Waydrive work? It's a family secret! *fast forward*
You'll never escape.
*angry* You'll never escape!
I wuv you so much!
I'll always love you!
Don't leave me!


Description Audio
Mama's idle grinding sound.
Mama's idle alert sound.
Mama's jumpscare sound.


  • Mama Tattletail is voiced by Geneva Hodgson, one of the game's co-creators.
  • Mama Tattletail's design is heavily influenced by Teddy Ruxpin, a real-world electronic toy that reads stories with a tape-deck in its body, much like Mama Tattletail. This is also seen in her concept art.
  • Mama Tattletail's grinding sound actually came from an old coffee machine.
  • The rumored reason behind her being recalled is because she ate a kid's eyes out.
  • Mama Tattletail's tail is rarely seen. It's small, and limp unlike the tail of her younger kin.
  • On the VHS tape, Mama Tattletail can be seen appearing and reappearing in the different scenes, including one of what appears to be a person in a garage of some kind, struggling.
  • She is the only Tattletail that tries to harm the player.
  • If the player types in a corresponding order of numbers into the VHS tape as a secret code (before pressing "PLAY"), the player can see a warehouse full of Mama Tattletails that were taken off of store shelves. This might prove that the Mama Tattletail present in the game is a prototype.
  • Mama Tattletail's official model is available on Steam Workshop, along with Baby Talking Tattletail and his box.


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