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Golden Flashlight
Usage Right click repeatedly to power up
Advantages See in the dark, lasts longer than
the regular flashlight
Disadvantages Same as Flashlight
Color Golden

The Golden Flashlight is an upgraded version of the standard flashlight. It is given to the player by Baby Talking Tattletail in the Good Ending.



The Golden Flashlight is a version of the standard flashlight, except as the name suggests, it sports a golden color. When shook, it emits a golden light that lasts longer than that of the regular flashlight.


The player receives the flashlight in the regular campaign's Good Ending. It serves the same purpose and has the same mechanics as the regular flashlight, but has a battery that lasts longer. With the Golden Flashlight, visibility is slightly better due to brighter light.

Due to the Kaleidoscope having poor visibility, it is recommended that the player get this flashlight before attempting the Kaleidoscope campaign, as its better color provides greater visibility in dark locations.


Description Audio
The sound produced when shaking the flashlight.
The sound produced when the flashlight dies.
The buzz sound produced when the flashlight is active.
The buzzing sound produced when the flashlight is pointed at Mama Tattletail