Gift Eggs (or simply Eggs), are collectibles in Tattletail, and are laid by Tattletails..


During the course of the game the player can collect a total of 22 eggs hidden around the house, in order to unlock the secret ending. The eggs are relatively small, about the size of a baseball, and contain random objects and trash. They come in several different bright colors, and are presumably laid by Tattletail or Mama as gifts for the Protagonist. Collecting all the eggs will reward the player with an achievement.

Egg Contents and Locations

December 20th, 1998

  • Egg #1 (Hairball) is found on the front porch of the house before the player goes to bed.

  • Egg #2 (Chewed Dog Food) is found on the table where the player initially finds Tattletail. Oddly, it disappears if the player wraps up Tattletail before collecting it.

  • Egg #3 (Missing Sock) is found on the Protagonist's nightstand.

December 21st, 1998

  • Egg #4 (Loose Change) is found near the washing machine in the basement.

  • Egg #5 (Peanut Shells) is found near the vase that the player breaks.

  • Egg #6 (French Fry) is found where Mama Tattletail was after she disappears.

December 22nd, 1998

  • A trail of eggs leads the player through the basement straight to Mama. It includes Egg #7 (Doll Hair), Egg #8 (Dead Beetle), Egg #9 (Broken Crayon), Egg #10 (Lost Earring), Egg #11 (Fingernail Clippings).

  • Egg #12 (Ketchup) is found after Mama disappears.

December 23rd, 1998

  • Egg #13 (Dust Bunny) is found after the yellow Tattletail goes off for the first round of Hide & Seek.

  • Egg #14 (Pencil Shavings) is found in the Protagonist's closet after the yellow Tattletail goes off for the final round of Hide & Seek.

  • Egg #15 (Christmas Light) is found under the Christmas tree after the yellow Tattletail goes off for the second round of Hide & Seek.

  • Egg #16 (Used Bandage) is found next to the yellow Tattletail in the spot where the player first encounters Mama.

  • Egg #17 (Old Napkin) is found on the kitchen counter.

December 24th, 1998

  • Egg #18 (Seashell Soap) is found in the bathroom at the start of the night.

  • Egg #19 (Bandanna) is found outside near where the doghouse once was.

  • Egg #20 (Rabbit's Foot) is found in the bushes near the back door.

  • Egg #21 (Car Keys) is found outside Mom's room before the player goes to bed.

Christmas Day

  • Egg #22 (Cupcake Wrapper) is found in the stocking hanging up in the living room.


  • It is speculated that Mama laid the eggs.
  • Geneva Hodgson confirmed that Egg #7 (Doll Hair) is a reference to a real-life incident, where a Cabbage Patch Kids Snack Time doll ate a girl's hair and ripped it from her scalp.
  • Egg #16 (Used Bandage) may be a reference to the video game "Undertale", an indie RPG game. In that game, the Protagonist's first armor item is a bandage which, when unequipped, converts into a healing item, and is noted to have been used before upon healing the player.
  • Everytime the player presses, "Wipe Data" and starts over, the eggs appear different


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