There are four proper endings in Tattletail - a good ending and a bad ending in the Regular Campaign, one where Tattletail is boring forever, or one where the Protagonist recovers their memories. There is also a joke ending achieved by jumping off the map. The Gift update added the good ending, while the Kaleidoscope update added the latter three endings. Read the steps below to find out how to play through each ending. Note that answering the phone has no bearing on which ending is achieved.

The Credits screen music.

Tattletail OST - End Credits

Normal Campaign

To get to the ending, follow these steps.

  1. Do the ritual with Tattletail. This involves placing and lighting the candles, and rewinding the VHS tape.
  2. When Mama Tattletail steals the candles, break the vases in the basement until all the candles are retrieved.
  3. After obtaining all the candles, relight them.
  4. Watch the ritual. The VHS will begin levitating, so destroy it when prompted.
  5. After the ritual, the Tattletails are wrapped back up, the lights return to the Christmas tree and the cupcakes and candles disappear.
  6. Simply go to bed.
  7. Wake up, and go open the present.

At this point, this campaign will branch off into one of two endings.

Bad ending

  1. Do not get all the gift eggs, or fail to collect the final egg from the stocking.
  2. Opening the present reveals a Tattletail box, which appears to be empty.
  3. After opening the box, the player is jumpscared by Mama Tattletail, ending the game, and thus meaning the ritual was unsuccessful.

Secret ending / Gift ending (Canon)

Tattletail Happy Ending

Tattletail Happy Ending

The good ending.

This ending was added in a later update, on 01/09/2017. To get this ending, follow these steps.

This is implied to be the canon ending because the ending is incredibly similar to the Kaleidoscope's Fixed Memory ending.

  1. Get all 21 Gift Eggs from December 20th-24th
  2. Complete the ritual.
  3. Go to bed.
  4. Wake up.
  5. Get the final egg from the stocking. (the player will get an achievement for this the first time round.)
  6. Opening the present reveals a Tattletail box, with Tattletail on top of it.
  7. Tattletail will gift the player with his "birth" tag and a smaller present, which is revealed to be a golden flashlight, another Waygetter Electronics product.
  8. Open Mom's door.
  9. The player will hear Tattletail saying "Thank you!", and Mom yawning, ending the game.

Kaleidoscope Campaign

The Kaleidoscope

This campaign was added in a later update, on 05/09/2017. To get to the ending, follow these steps.

  1. Open up Tattletail and learn from him.
  2. Investigate the knocking to reveal a package. Open it and read the letter.
  3. Wake up, bring Tattletail to the basement and allow him to join the party. Read the next letter.
  4. Wake up again, go to the garage and open the stolen egg to find another letter. Read it.
  5. Wake up a 4th time and investigate the grinding noise. Mama Tattletail will be switched on.
  6. Switch off Mama Tattletail, and her chase music begins, but only to add tension. Go upstairs to find Mama Tattletail yet again, gifting the yellow and blue Tattletails eggs. The blue one's is broken, and there is a letter next to it. Read the letter.
  7. Wake up, go down to the basement and switch off the washing machine (which Tattletail is next to, instead of riding inside it).
  8. Pick up Tattletail, and head to the nearby room. There the player finds Mama Tattletail, thanking the yellow and blue Tattletails for fixing the vase. Break the vase (which Mama Tattletail ignores for some reason) and read the letter.
  9. Wake up once more, open Tattletail early and open the nearby package to read the letter.

At this point, the campaign branches off into one of two endings.

Boring Tattletail Ending

  • Simply go to bed. The game will end instantly, Tattletail will be boring forever and the Protagonist character will not be able to undo this. However, the Protagonist character can live without fear of being hunted by Mama Tattletail.

Fixed Memory Ending (Canon)

This is implied to be the canon ending, because the ending is incredibly similar to the regular campaign's Secret/Gift ending.

  1. Go towards the nearby door and read the letter.
  2. Enter the newly opened passageway. Traverse the stairs, drop down a hole and enter the Kaleidoscope.
  3. Navigate the Kaleidoscope, a non-euclidian version of the Protagonist's house.
  4. Read the note at the end and watch the VHS tape, a commercial that is significantly different from the one in the normal campaign.
  5. Wake up again, open the present early and feed and groom Tattletail as if the game played normally.
  6. Return to the basement. Tattletail will tell a knock-knock joke that is finished by Mama Tattletail, revealing that the player never left.
  7. Leave the Kaleidoscope, while tending to Tattletail's needs and avoiding Mama Tattletail.
  8. At the Kaleidoscope's exit, Mama Tattletail begs the Protagonist to come back. Ignore her advice and leave.
  9. Wake up a final time and open the Christmas present, which will be the now-normal Tattletail thanking the player for fixing them.
  10. Accept Tattletail's gift, which is a letter congratulating the player.
  11. Tattletail will tell another knock-knock joke, and Mama Tattletail's chase music plays, ending with "Me love you! Hehehe!" and the chase music stopping.
  12. The game ends.

Joke Ending

This ending was added along with the Kaleidoscope campaign, likely as a joke. Interestingly, Boring Tattletail's special lines are all the same as the regular Tattletail's.

  1. In any section of either campaign where the front yard is accessible while holding Tattletail, jump on top of the doghouse.
  2. Jump on top of the roof. Tattletail will say, "Me know what you did."
  3. Walk on top of the fence gate to get out of bounds.
  4. The player should keep travelling until they fall off the map.
  5. Tattletail will begin uttering:

"You broke it..."

"Why did you do this?"

"You've ruined everything."

  1. The game ends.

If the player does not have Tattletail, the ending will not be triggered.

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