It's me, Tattletail, Hello.
— Boring Tattletail

Boring Tattletail (unofficial name) is a purple-coloured Tattletail introduced in the Kaleidoscope update. He speaks in a robotic monotone.


The Boring Tattletail shares the features of the regular Tattletail. However, he has green eyes, gray eyelids, a white edge around his nose and a dull grayish purple coloring to his fur. He also has purple spots in his fur. Additionally, the highlights in his eyes more closely resemble those of the Waygetter Electronics logo.

Besides his robotic voice, the Boring Tattletail seems smarter than the normal Tattletail, because he always utters random facts throughout gameplay. For example, "Chickens lay eggs, almost everyday." However, most of his facts are obvious statements, such as there being a lot of numbers, and Neptune being a planet in the Solar System.



Tattletail. It's... me.

It's me, Tattletail. Hello.

It's me, Tattletail. I'm fun.


Please feed Tattletail.

Feed bar is empty

Please feed Tattletail.

Groom bar is empty

Please groom Tattletail.
Brush me 100 times a day.

Battery bar is empty

There are more numbers than you think, such as, one hundred.

Chickens lay eggs, almost everyday.

Neptune is a planet in our Solar System.

Water can be found in the world's oceans.

Stairs can go up... or down.

Every half an hour, thirty minutes go by.

Food is a source of vitamins.

Peanuts are not actually nuts, and that is why they are bad.

Bananas are a good source of potassium.

When you cut a rock in half, that's two rocks.


  • It is possible that the Boring Tattletail has another name, but it hasn't been revealed.
  • The white ring around the edge of the nose is similar to the beta Tattletail's nose.
  • On Twitter, Tattletail has removed his posts, changed his profile picture and banner, changed his description, and changed to Boring Tattletail since the Kaleidoscope Expansion. It is unknown if he will change back to his original self.


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