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There are many easter eggs in Tattletail.

Knocking on Mom's Door


The icon for "What did you expect?"

If Mama Tattletail is not chasing the player, knocking on Mom's door causes nothing to happen, except for the sound of Mom yawning if they knock a few times. However, when Mama Tattletail is chasing the player and the player knock on Mom's door, it will open and Mama will jumpscare the player from inside Mom's room. This will unlock the achievement "What Did You Expect?"

Phone Call


The icon used for "Exclusive Offer."

Every night, after Tattletail is wrapped up, the phone rings. Normally, the player is advised not to answer the phone. If they do, they will hear Mama on the other end, making a grinding noise. However, after the ritual on Night 5, answering the phone instead reveals an unknown voice talking to the player. It appears to be an incredibly glitchy announcement of the Baby Talking Tattletail toy.

This also unlocks the achievement "Exclusive Offer".

The phone call


Official Release Trailer

About ten seconds into the video, Mama can be seen watching Tattletail. On the left side of the sofa, there is a corpse, and behind the toybox is another corpse lying in a pool of blood. The bodies are most likely Waygetter Electronics employees.

Tattletail™ Release Trailer Official

Tattletail™ Release Trailer Official

The trailer.

VHS Tape

VHS Codes

While the tape is not playing, press CAM9 two times, then CAM1, CAM8, CAM5, CAM3 and then CAM0, which is the code 9918530. It will show a room containing a Mama Tattletail, three red buttons which say "ABORT" and a blue screen with the word "WAYGETTER" what is the name of the company.

Tattletail's birth date is 25.5.98. If the player switches between CAM2, CAM5, CAM5, CAM9 and CAM8, a camera feed will appear featuring a door labelled "04 PROTOTYPING".

For the code 4175860420, switch between: CAM4, CAM1, CAM7, CAM5, CAM8, CAM6, CAM0, CAM4, CAM2 and then CAM0. A camera feed showing a room full of Mama Tattletails will appear, and one of the Mamas will be turning her head.

Tattletail VHS codes

Tattletail VHS codes

The Codes.

VHS Murders


"CAM9: Storage"- A person, (Most likely a Waygetter employee) will appear, accompanied by Mama Tattletail. He seems to be struggling for air, judging by his movements.

Mama will eventually disappear, and leave him to suffer.


"CAM8: Product"- When viewed at the end of the tape, a corpse (or the unconscious victim of a Mama attack) will be there. It appears to be the same person from CAM 9.

The person's face is hidden by the table so they cannot be identified.


"CAM7: Friends"- A person's legs are hidden behind the couch. The person is most likely dead as they do not show any signs of movement. Mama Tattletail could have possibly hidden the corpse here.

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