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There are a few bugs in Tattletail.

The most known glitch is falling out of the map.

In order to do this glitch, you need to jump on the dog house, then on your house roof, and jump above the fence. Then you need to reach the map limit, and when you reach it, you'll fall. Your tattletail will start to glitch the longer you fall.

Until you get the limit, Your tattletail will be more darker, and he will no longer have the body, only the floating eyes.



Print from @vaporwaveprince.


Print from @vaporwaveprince.


Print from @vaporwaveprince.

Okay. r.i.p tattletail.

Print from @vaporwaveprince.


First print: The first stage of glitched Tattletail.

Second Print: The second stage of glitched Tattletail.

Third Print: The third stage of glitched Tattletail.

Fourth Print: The fourth stage of glitched Tattletail.

Not shown Print: The tattletail will lose a bit of his body.

Not shown Print #2: The tattletail lost his body, the eyeball is now visible. (The body will appear sometimes.)

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