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RamChoops RamChoops 1 day ago

Renders n' shit

Made some renders in like 2020 for halloween, never really posted them anywhere, so have 'em here!

Over here!

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Sachi Toytale Sachi Toytale 30 November 2021



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LunarFlareMinty LunarFlareMinty 14 November 2021

Look who's back!

With Christmas on the way, I've decided to work on Minty's Tattletail Christmas in hopes of getting it out by the holidays. I'm writing the script now, and next will come voice acting for some of the characters. Tattletail and Mama will use voice clips from the game, but there are a few other characters I need voices for. I'll provide a list of them all once the script is finished.

I've also decided that Minty's Tattletail Christmas will completely replace Revenge of the Tattletails, especially considering the major changes to the Mintyverse AU. There may be another film project in the future that will take its name, but for now, it's completely cancelled and Minty's Tattletail Christmas will replace it.

Good thing I have an awesome HD video…

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Sonyc3124 Sonyc3124 28 June 2021

mario and Luigi

Mama Mia, Luigi time!

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LunarFlareMinty LunarFlareMinty 30 May 2021

ALERT! Must Preserve!

I'm mad that Waygetter only produced one game... so I've decided to be the lorekeeper and save every single file on this wiki to my Google Drive. I don't want this lost treasure to be lost forever, so I've preserving the files!

Also, Revenge of the Tattletails is undergoing MAJOR changes due to changes in the AU. Not revealing the whole thing yet, but it will be live action rather than animation, and will feature some other characters from other fandoms...

Anyway, can we please start a little petition for Waygetter to produce another game? They don't need to die as a one-hit wonder. Let's make sure Waygetter and Tattletail aren't forgotten!

Also, I haven't been here for two years.

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TheRogue12 TheRogue12 12 February 2019


I just joined the wiki and wanted to say hi!

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Papyrus2345 Papyrus2345 20 September 2018


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Darlynpaguio Darlynpaguio 28 May 2018

Scott Jones

attletail]] to have a main role in Tattletail.

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Tattletail purple Tattletail purple 11 March 2018


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DigitalOriginal DigitalOriginal 22 February 2018

Tattletail Merch LEAKED by PhatMojo

PhatMojo recently Leaked Tattletail Merch on Phatmojo.com/brands/ 

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Skskssjsus Skskssjsus 31 January 2018












         This is the cycle of an early Mama

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Ineedabreaktattletail7 Ineedabreaktattletail7 20 January 2018


do I remember this account? yes. I will never use it again. forget my past.

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LunarFlareStudios LunarFlareStudios 4 October 2017

A few updates (10-4-2017)

So, I'm updating you on the film here...

I now decided to use the original names for the Tattletails rather than changing the names of Dewdrop and Butternut to Twinkle and Sunny. They will remain so in both the Kaleidoscope scenes and in real life, but nevertheless something weird WILL happen in the Portal of Deception. What is it? Gonna have to wait and find out.

Sweetie and Patches, the OC characters, will remain despite the above. Just they will look a little better and Patches' spots will look more natural.

Also, the Tattletails are going to get recolored and redesigned to look more like they did in the game. Thanks to those handy-dandy texture maps, the team and I were able to get better color sources. They were a bit distorted in the ga…

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LunarFlareStudios LunarFlareStudios 3 October 2017

First three minutes of the film!

You read it right! Here's a preview of the film I've been talking about.


Skip to 1:09 to get to the preview. It's me talking until that point.

The song is called "The Furby Song" by Blue4U.

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LunarFlareStudios LunarFlareStudios 2 October 2017

Minty has returned...

Yeah, I'm back. Hope nothing really cool happened since my temporary departure, lol.

I've been busy messing with another horror game (Bendy and the Ink Machine) and almost forgot this wiki existed until I saw a flurry of notifications on my email and was like "Holy stink, what have I been missing?" So I snatched my Furby Connect late at night and zipped right over here. Nope, I haven't abandoned the film, it's still in progress.

In addition, we were almost directly hit by Hurricane Irma. That slowed everything down! But Team Lunar Flare is working their pants off to catch up and we're also repairing equipment that got water damage. Even now we have work to do, but I'm providing free lemonade for the team, so hey, not so bad.

Also I'm making m…

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Waygetter Waygetter 15 September 2017

Back in Action!

I'm Back! I have a Picture Now! I been away for A Long Time But I'm Back!

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MegaLibertad33 MegaLibertad33 13 September 2017

why i like tattletail?

no idea :v

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LittlePlagueDoctor LittlePlagueDoctor 13 September 2017

No More Mama

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Joeyone3 Joeyone3 3 August 2017

Some codes an stuff

You could just use these for names or something... (The Black one could be used for spoilers!)

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LunarFlareStudios LunarFlareStudios 24 July 2017

The first two trailers for the Tattletail film! And a few spoilers, lol

Thought I'd drop this here. Let me know if this isn't allowed.

Trailer 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UBbw6y8AzE

Trailer 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYZyjJlDJeU

Trailer 3 is in the making. And I'm planning a surprise for you guys who are all hyped for the film and just can't wait until December.

As for the actual plot, I'm developing a synopsis and it will be posted on Tattletail's Watching around the film's release date. I will, however, spill a few things.

  • Night-Night and Snowglobe have been confirmed to have a cameo.
  • The main enemy, Sephiroth, was depicted in FF7 as fully invincible, but Anna Renee Strong III, one of the three main protagonists, was descended from an angel and thus can overpower him. Nobody can explain this, not e…
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Joeyone3 Joeyone3 22 July 2017

Working at Waygetter.

  • 1 Working at Waygetter #1
  • 2 Working at Waygetter #2
  • 3 Working at Waygetter #3
  • 4 Working at Waygetter #4
  • 5 Working at Waygetter #5

I am Simon Wells, I have recently been accepted to work in this factory for a toy company called Waygetter.

The other workers seem delighted that I'm here, but they say I can't enter certain rooms. I guess It's a newbie thing.

It's been a few weeks since I started working here, and I can already tell this place has its own magical asthetic to it.

All the workers are cheerful, enjoy their work, and overall have a good time.

They must love building these toys for those kids. I bet i'm going to make some kid really happy soon.

I've been noticing some ordering of new equipment, metal steel boxes, and a lot of candles.

I wonder what …

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KingAlex105X KingAlex105X 18 July 2017

Thought: Gallery Pages and Shirnking

I've been thinking of a way of making the pages easier to look at by making a template to hide massive amounts of one thing, kind-of how the BATIM Wiki does for Oggs  (which i will add too), additionally I'm thinking about adding a template for Gallery Pages where it makes a separate page for huge gallery related to one page. (example)

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AgentParadox AgentParadox 10 July 2017

Draft: Developers

This article lists the people who developed Tattletail.

  • 1 Ben Esposito
  • 2 Geneva Hodgson
  • 3 Ryann Shannon
  • 4 Tom Astle
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 External Links

Ben Esposito is an independent game maker based in Los Angeles, and the creator of Tattletail. He led development of the game.

Geneva Hodgson is one of the co-creators of Tattletail. She is also the voice actor of Mama Tattletail, the antagonist of the game.

Ryann Shannon is an artist, and the voice actress of all Baby Talking Tattletails, including Boring Tattletail.

Thomas "Tom" Astle is the lead programmer of Tattletail. He is also the developer of Wobbledogs, another indie game.

Ben Esposito's Twitter

Geneva Hodgson's Twitter

Ryann Shannon's Twitter

Tom Astle's Twitter

Tom Astle's Youtube account

Wobbledogs website


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KingAlex105X KingAlex105X 24 June 2017

Mama's AI and Additionally Info

On this reddit post by 64th, the guy who's dug into the game, it's explained about there.

Additionally in a stream a developer comfirmed abuch of things.

Two Mamas?

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AgentParadox AgentParadox 15 June 2017

Draft: Manual of Style

Here at the , while our main goal is to try and document everything about the game, we also have to ensure that all information is clear, written properly, and most important of all valid. Additionally, it is important that we know how to behave properly while using this site. Now, in order for us to achieve these goals, we must make sure that all editors know and understand how to edit articles properly.

  • 1 Behavioural Guidelines
  • 2 Style Guide
    • 2.1 Sentence structure
      • 2.1.1 Pronouns
    • 2.2 Capital letters
    • 2.3 Link once
    • 2.4 Do not use conversational style
    • 2.5 Be neutral
    • 2.6 Grammar guidelines
      • 2.6.1 It's, its
      • 2.6.2 A, an
      • 2.6.3 There, their, they're
      • 2.6.4 Effect, affect
      • 2.6.5 Your, you're
  • 3 General guidelines

  • Do not vandalize anything on the wiki.
  • Do not spam anywhere on the wik…

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AgentParadox AgentParadox 14 June 2017

Manual of Style

Simply put, I'll likely create a Manual of Style in addition to the regular rules page, to further clarify the most common spelling and grammar errors, though it may become an extended rules page, which would further clarify what we look for on this wiki. Hopefully it should mistake-proof the wiki a lot more but I know it won't.

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Narutocreeper117 Narutocreeper117 14 June 2017

Quick theory

Quick thought, is it possible that the 2 gifts in the basement other than the purple tattletails gift box are the yellow and blue tattletails you see when you first enter the basement on night 5? just a quick thought.

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AgentParadox AgentParadox 1 June 2017

AgentParadox and the Adventures Of The Tabber (or, my frustration with tabbed infoboxes)

As you might know, I tried to tab the infoboxes so they didn't take up loads of space. Let's look at the steps I performed.

Firstly, I tried simply adding the tabber. I got this result:

Okay, this is terrible. As you can see, it bleeds over onto the page, and doesn't look good. It also fails to properly enclose the infoboxes (though, switching between them does work, so I'll give it that.)

So then, I tried setting divs and aligning right. I got this:

This has gone nowhere. While yes, the tabs are now in the correct position, the box still bleeds out and fails to enclose the entire infobox.

So then, I went on to a music wiki and tried playing with their design. I got this:

Okay, a little better. The tabs are correct and the box does not bleed. Ho…

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AgentParadox AgentParadox 21 May 2017

Tooltips (and how to use 'em)

((from Wikipedia) The tooltip or infotip or a hint is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a pointer. The user hovers the pointer over an item, without clicking it, and a tooltip may appear—a small "hover box" with information about the item being hovered over.)

Many FANDOM wikis use tooltips for their content, whether it be the default tooltip or a custom tooltip. Now, since I'm not all that experienced with templates, I decided to give a tip on how to use the default tooltip. This is how it is done:

(hover mouse over it to see). (I use the asterisk to mark that a tooltip is there, as a visual clue. It's not necessary, but it helps.)

Comments on your thoughts are welcome.

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Waygetter Waygetter 21 May 2017


I'm Finishing a New Mama tattletail I will call it right now a model number 918291 for it. So Get Ready for a New Mama tattletail P.S if you have the old one return it Back to us.

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Narutocreeper117 Narutocreeper117 15 May 2017

List of things for me to supply wiki with

Hello! please list and suggestions for the wiki needs, please don't ask for things like vids, or much cause I can do is pics... so far heres the first pic I added

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Ineedabreaktattletail7 Ineedabreaktattletail7 14 May 2017

the good ol' days

my first Fandom account is older now, I think it needs to disappear. I want it to be banned, if the admins do ban it, this is my final goodbye to my first fandom account.

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LunarFlareStudios LunarFlareStudios 13 May 2017

Tattletail Fan Wiki anywhere? Plus a few tidbits

I'll have to go over the rules page again, but I know I'd posting lots of fan-related stuff. I wanted to know if there's a Tattletail fan works wiki so I can talk about my plans for the amateur Tattletail film I'm making. I hate breaking the rules.

I'm also making paper Tattletails from my film including MAMA! I'm almost finished with Twinkle (my name for the blue one) and then I'll have all five from the movie. Mama is quite a task but at least the head is finished. I will not be making the OC Papa Tattletail since I'm limited on space in my room and my surprisingly small walk-in closet. Ugh, I need that daybed so bad; it will free up a lot more space for my filming compared to my current regular bed. And that could mean MORE TATTLETAILS! …

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KingAlex105X KingAlex105X 10 May 2017

The Kaleidoscope, Update 2.

Apparently it's an update for the game as you can see here!

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KingAlex105X KingAlex105X 5 May 2017

A Message From Waygetter Electronics™

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Tommy887 Tommy887 23 April 2017

Game Theory

On Game is abble Console Commands.

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Game Theories

We might be not sure why Mama Tattletail was recalled, but I think she was recalled because of the gameplay of the Tattletale game. On the 3rd night, the player goes down the basement to find Mama. When you see the tape, you insert it into Mama. What if the tape was actually possesing Mama? That may be true because in the ritual, your suppose to destroy the tape in order to banish Mama so she wouldn't hunt you. So that must clearly mean the Tape is possesing Mama.

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Raytaygirl Raytaygirl 13 March 2017


So on a few pages that not that many people go onto, I had to fix up SO much grammar that I am too lazy to even use it in this blog post, anyways... Who the hell is making these pages with terrible grammar? o-o I mean really, I could not even figure out what the Bunny Ending was until I got finished fixing up that page, so yeah I guess that is all. :P

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Wiki Temmie Wiki Temmie 2 March 2017

The wikia...

I think that we should probably protect the home page and rename some of the articles, since some of the have Tattletail Wiki: in them, which is a little unnecessary. Alos, i just got in to watching people play Tattletail. I used to be addicted to furby and my addiction brought me here..,,,

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Yellow Talking Tattletail Yellow Talking Tattletail 20 February 2017

Boring Yellow Tattletail's list





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Yellow Tattletail Yellow Tattletail 15 February 2017

A tattletail book might release soon

I was talking with Waygetter on twitter, and i saw someone say

(Name): Will there be a tattletail book

Waygetter: Maybe c;

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ChangheartGrossologist78 ChangheartGrossologist78 2 February 2017

Tattletail Theories

Any theories about tattletail you want to share? write here 

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Yellow Talking Tattletail Yellow Talking Tattletail 25 January 2017

My favorite musics

Talking Tattletail's Friend (talk) 11:53, January 28, 2017 (UTC)Talking Tatt's. Friend A.K.A Yellow Tatt.

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Narutocreeper117 Narutocreeper117 25 January 2017



  • try to get good picture of tattletails in box as well as white and black ones on box for wiki

Completed with pics

  • Tattletail box texture with black and white on it. cant find good angle for tattletail in box
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CorpzCry CorpzCry 23 January 2017

Fixing the wiki

Hello there fellow Tattletails! I wrote this to show a few things that I think are needed to help this wiki, such as adding images. Adding stuff like this can really spruce it up nicely so it looks more professional.

  • Some more screenshots of Mama and the Tattletails (purple, yellow, and cyan)
  • Pics of the house 
  • Egg locations
  • Hiding spots
  • Bugs

Unfortunately I don't have the game myself .-. But for those who do, feel free to help out!

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MrCreepy49 MrCreepy49 19 January 2017

Someone on Reddit managed to extract the music.

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that some guy on Reddit extracted the music from the game. https://www.reddit.com/r/Tattletail/comments/5oq4sk/i_finally_extracted_the_music_from_the_game/ 

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Talking Tattletail Talking Tattletail 10 January 2017

Me love playtime with you!

Tattletale, that's me!

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Yookaboy123 Yookaboy123 6 January 2017


Hello there

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