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Achievements are unlockables rewarded to the player for performing certain tasks in-game.

List of Achievements

Icon Achievement Name Description More Information
Checkpoint1.jpg Tattletail, That's Me! Meet a new friend. Complete the night of December 20, 1998.
Checkpoint2.jpg Uh Oh! Get into some trouble. Complete the night of December 21, 1998.
Checkpoint3.jpg Mama's Coming! Meet mama [sic] . Complete the night of December 22, 1998.
Checkpoint4.jpg Let's Play A Game! Have a good time with friends Play the VHS on the night of December 23, 1998.
Checkpoint5.jpg Mama Scary! See where it all began Complete the night of December 23, 1998.
Checkpoint6.jpg We're Having A Party For Mama! Gather supplies for a party. Set up the ritual to banish Mama Tattletail.
Checkpoint7.jpg No More Mama! Seal Mama back inside her VHS tape Complete the ritual on the night of December 24, 1998.
Checkpoint8.jpg Happy Birthday! Open your final present Open the Christmas present on December 25, 1998.
EggsAchievement.jpg Presents For You Collect every gift egg Collect all of the Gift Eggs.
Ringringmamahere.png Exclusive Offer! Receive a special phone
Answer the phone after the ritual on December 24, 1998.
MamaAchievement.jpg What Did You Expect? Worlds collide. Knock on Mom's door when being hunted by Mama.